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Solarflora is a sculpture in the shape of a flower or large plant that can reportedly hold up to four solar panels and supply up to 750 watt hours of electric energy daily. The current model shows three panels. The designer of the Solarflora is Darren Saravis of Nectar Design. According to Dexigner's article on the project, patents are issued and pending. The Solarflora has also been used at a series of events including Burning Man in Nevada, as well as the annual Autumn Lights Festival at Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles.[1] According to the Solarflora official website it is intended for use at "parks, shopping malls, museums, fairgrounds, convention centers, bus stops" as well as other public spaces.

The first use of the Solarflora design appears to have been at the groundbreaking of the New City Farm in Long Beach, California, where a "Solar Flower" was used to provide power.[2]

It has also received positive coverage from blogs such as Inhabitat, which noted that Solarflora was manufactured using locally manufactured materials at Nectar Design's facility in Long Beach, California and that it "marks Nectar’s contribution towards building a sustainable energy industry in the U.S." [3]


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