Solaris (1968 film)

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Solaris (1968) - Film Poster
Directed by Boris Nirenburg[1]
Lidiya Ishimbayeva[2]
Produced by Soviet Central Television
Written by Nikolay Kemasky
Starring Vasily Lanovoy
Vladimir Etush
Viktor Zozulin
Antonina Pilyus
Music by A. Kliot
Cinematography Yuri Bouguenais
Boris Cypress
Valery Revitch
Edited by G. Engeeva
Release date
Running time
143 minutes[1]
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Solaris (Russian: Солярис) is a two-part 1968 Russian television film[1] in black-and-white based on the 1961 novel Solaris by Stanisław Lem. It was the first film adaptation of the novel.[3]

The film was released on DVD (in Russian) on January 29, 2009.[4]


Dr. Kris Kelvin arrives on Solaris Station,[5] a space station orbiting the ocean planet of Solaris. The scientists there have been studying the planet and its ocean for many decades. Shortly before Kelvin's arrival, the crew exposed the ocean to a high-energy gamma-ray bombardment. The ocean's response tests the scientists' minds by confronting them with their most painful thoughts and memories. The ocean does this by materializing physical human simulacra. Kelvin confronts memories of his dead lover and guilt about her suicide. The torments of the other researchers are only suggested but seem even worse than Kelvin’s personal ordeal. The ocean’s intelligence expresses physical phenomena in ways difficult for their limited science to explain, deeply upsetting the scientists. The alien mind of Solaris appears to differ so much from the human mind that communication doesn't seem possible.


  • Vasily Lanovoy as Dr. Kris Kelvin
  • Vladimir Etush as Dr. Snaut
  • Viktor Zozulin as Dr. Sartorius
  • Antonina Pilyus as Harey
  • Vyacheslav Dugin
  • Anatoly Katsynsky

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