Solarpark Alt Daber

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Solarpark Alt Daber
Solarpark Alt Daber is located in Germany
Solarpark Alt Daber
Site of Solarpark in Germany
Country Germany
Location Wittstock
Coordinates 53°12′N 12°31′E / 53.200°N 12.517°E / 53.200; 12.517Coordinates: 53°12′N 12°31′E / 53.200°N 12.517°E / 53.200; 12.517
Status Operational
Commission date 3 December 2011
Construction cost €100 million
Solar field
Type Flat-panel PV
Site area 133 hectares (329 acres)
Power generation
Units operational 850,000
Nameplate capacity 67.805 MW
Average generation 71.4 GWh

The Solarpark Alt Daber is a photovoltaic facility in Germany with 67.8 megawatts (MW, 90,900 hp).[1] It was completed 3 December 2011, for a cost of €100 million,[2] and is expected to produce 71 GWh/year.[3] It is located on a former military airport.

In 2014 a prototype of a battery storage system was added, mainly to provide frequency-response.[4]

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