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Solas /ˈsɒləs/ is an Irish liturgical music group and resource entity formed in 1991, performing, recording and distributing original church music by local, and mostly Catholic, composers. The group is based in Belfast but has attracted musicians and writers from across the island of Ireland, and as of 2003, has been largely in hiatus.

Solas was founded by Brian Foley, who coined the name, which comes from an Irish word meaning "light".


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(Oregon Catholic Press)

Featured Composers[edit]

  • Deirdre Carabine
  • Gerry Creen
  • Pat Conway
  • Brendan Dowd
  • Michéal Downes
  • Brian Foley
  • Philip Hart
  • Lorna Hinds
  • Sheelagh Hughes
  • Michael Johnston
  • Charles Livingstone
  • Pól Mac Adam
  • Paul MacAree
  • Rev. Eamon Martin
  • Patricia Matthews
  • Edel McClean
  • Gerry McCoy
  • Stephen McCusker
  • Maebh McKeon
  • Catherine McKinney
  • Ciaran McLoughlin
  • Sr. Perpetua McNulty
  • Siobhán Mullin
  • Brian Quinn
  • Catherine Quinn
  • John Robinson
  • Mairead Weir

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