Solaseed Air

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Solaseed Air
Solaseed Air logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1997 (as Pan Asia Airlines)
Operating bases
Fleet size 12
Destinations 9
Parent company Development Bank of Japan
Headquarters Miyazaki Airport, Miyazaki, Japan
Key people Hiroshi Takahashi (CEO)[1]

Solaseed Air (ソラシド エア Sorashido Ea?), incorporated as Solaseed Air Inc. (株式会社ソラシドエア Kabushiki-gaisha Sorashido Ea SNA?) is a low-cost airline headquartered on the property of Miyazaki Airport in Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.

It operates services mainly between destinations on Kyushu and Tokyo. The airline changed its branding to Solaseed Air in July 2011.[2]


Miyazaki Airport, the location of the headquarters

The airline was established in May 2002, it was formerly Pan Asia Airlines as the fourth new airline in a deregulated Japanese market since 1997. The corporate name was changed to Skynet Asia Airways Co., Ltd. in August 1998, and started operations in July 2002. It newly launched unique services emphasized smile and hospitality under establishing "Solaseed Air" as corporate brand in July 2011. As of December 2015, the corporate name itself has been also changed to Solaseed Air Inc.. The airline is owned by Development Bank of Japan (22.41%), Miyazaki Kotsu Co., Ltd. (17.03%) and ANA Holdings Inc. (17.03%).

Solaseed executive vice president Nobuyuki Suzuki committed suicide by falling from a building in August 2016; his wife was found dead in their apartment two days later.[3]

Corporate affairs[edit]

Solaseed established the head office in the second floor of Miyazaki Airport Building (宮崎空港ビル Miyazaki Kūkō Biru?) in Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan.[4] It previously had a headquarters in another facility in Miyazaki City.[5] The headquarters later moved to the SNA Center (SNAセンター SNA Sentā) in the Again Building (アゲインビル Agein Biru?) in Miyazaki.[6]


A Skynet Asia Airways Boeing 737-400 taking off from Haneda Airport, Tokyo (2007)
A Solaseed Air Boeing 737-400 climbs away from Haneda Airport, Tokyo (2012)

Solaseed Air operates services to the following domestic scheduled destinations (As of August 2014):[7]

City Province/Region Country IATA ICAO Airport
Kagoshima Kyushu Japan KOJ RJFK Kagoshima Airport
Kobe Kansai Japan UKB RJBE Kobe Airport
Kumamoto Kyushu Japan KMJ RJFT Kumamoto Airport
Kunisaki/Ōita Kyushu Japan OIT RJFO Oita Airport
Miyazaki Kyushu Japan KMI RJFM Miyazaki Airport
Nagasaki Kyushu Japan NGS RJFU Nagasaki Airport
Naha Kyushu Japan OKA ROAH Naha Airport
Ishigaki Kyushu Japan ISG ROIG Ishigaki Airport
Tokyo Kanto Japan HND RJTT Haneda Airport

Future plans include route expansion to key cities in Japan and across Asia.


A Solaseed Air Boeing 737-800 at Haneda Airport, Tokyo (2012)

The Solaseed Air fleet consists of the following aircraft with an average age of about 3 years (As of March 2016).

Solaseed Air Fleet
Aircraft In fleet Orders Passengers
Boeing 737-800
Total 12 0

Fleet Notes[edit]

In September 2014, Solaseed Air stored their last remaining 737-400 aircraft, and currently became an airline having only 737-800. operator.[8]

The all fleet's cabin specification are Boeing Sky Interior, and all attached winglets on wing tip.


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