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Weaving mill at Solberg Spinderi. Closed down 2006

Solbergelva is a village in Nedre Eiker in the county of Buskerud, Norway. Solbergelva is a suburb of Drammen, Norway.

The village lies north of the Drammenselva, approximately 6 miles west of Drammen. It is part of the Nedre Eiker municipality and has about 5500 inhabitants. Annually Solbergelva hosts Solbergfestivalen, its own festival at the end of May. Solberg SK is one of the leading bandy teams in Norway.

The history of Solbergelva is closely linked to the company Solberg Spinderi, which for many years employed a substantial part of the local workforce. Solberg Spinderi was founded in 1818 under the name Drammens Bomuldsspinneri. In 1921 the company moved to Solbergelva in order to be able to take advantage of hydropower resources. The enterprise was founded by four Drammen merchants who were supporters of the lay preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge. They entered the lumber market as dealers and industrial entrepreneurs during an economic crisis in which many of the major trading houses in the city had become bankrupt.[1]


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