Solbus Solcity 12 LNG

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Solbus Solcity 12 LNG
Back side and LNG engine of the bus

The Solbus Solcity 12 LNG a fully low-floor single-decker bus manufactured by Solbus SA in Poland. The bus is powered by LNG natural gas. Solbus Solcity 12 LNG is the first bus powered with LNG in Mainland Europe. Fueling of the bus takes about 3–5 minutes. First LNG Solcity's were produced in 2010. Model finally developed at the end of 2011. In 2012 the bus was exhibited in the Hannower IAA motor show.

Technical sheets[edit]

Chassis Solcity 12
Length 12 315 mm
Width 2 550 mm
Seats 53-55
Doors 3 (2-2-2)

(2-2-0) - option (2-0-2) - option (2-2-1) - option

Passengers 105-119


18 000 kg