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The Sole Bank is a sand bank in the Atlantic Ocean, south-west of Cornwall. It is best known for giving its name to a sea area in the Shipping Forecast. Conventionally it is divided between the Great Sole Bank and Little Sole Bank.

The areas are defined for fishery protection purposes being bounded by coastline or lines of latitude or longitude which connect specified points:[1]

  • Little Sole Bank (ICES Statistical Division VIIh)
    • 48°N 5°W
    • 49°30'N 5°W
    • 49°30'N 7°W
    • 50°N 7°W
    • 50°N 9°W
    • 48°N 9°W
    • 48°N 5°W
  • Great Sole Bank (ICES Statistical Division VIIj)
    • 48°N 9°W
    • 9°W on the south coast of Ireland
    • 52°30'N on the west coast of Ireland
    • 52°30'N 12°W
    • 48°N 12°W
    • 48°N 9°W


Coordinates: 49°37′51″N 10°09′12″W / 49.6308°N 10.1532°W / 49.6308; -10.1532