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"Soleado" is a wordless song composed by Ciro Dammicco under the alias "Zacar", based on his earlier composition "Le rose blu" published in 1972. The first recorded version was 1974's version of the Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble,[1] of which Ciro was a member with Mara Cubeddu as main female voice.

It has been sung with various lyrics by many artists, the first version with lyrics being the German Tränen lügen nicht by Michael Holm in 1974, a number one hit in Germany and a Top 10 hit in Austria and Switzerland. Later, artists such as Mireille Mathieu (On ne vit pas sans se dire adieu, 1975), Johnny Mathis (When a Child Is Born, 1976, a number one hit in the UK), Bayer Full and others recorded the song. Percy Faith, Paul Mauriat and others recorded instrumental versions.

The Italian band Elio e le Storie Tese sing a custom cover in their New Year's Eve concerts, called Buon Anno Nuovo, with the words "Buon anno nuovo" (Happy New Year) as the only repeated lyrics. The Czech singer Karel Gott sings a cover called Měl jsem rád a mám (I loved and I still do) - lyrics by Zdeněk Borovec. Also the Spanish songwriter Mari Trini based her song Te amaré, te amo y te querré (I will love you, I love you and I will) in Zacar's composition. Also in Spain, singer es:Manolo Otero created Todo el tiempo del mundo (All the world's time), a recited poem with the tune in background.[2] In Hungary Cserháti Zsuzsa did a cover in 1978 entitled "Édes kisfiam" (My sweet little son) which remains very popular today.[3] The Slovak singer Karol Konárik sings a cover named Rozchod (Farewell), lyrics by Ľuboš Zeman. In 1975, Turkish singer Neşe Karaböcek sang a cover named Gözyaşları Yalan Söylemez (Tears Don't Lie) on her album, titled Deli Gibi Sevdim (Loved Like Crazy). In 1994, German disc jockey Mark 'Oh scored a hit song with a cover, titled Tears Don't Lie.