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Soleilmoon Recordings is an American record label that began in 1987 as a cassette label, operating from the back of a record shop called the Ooze in Portland, Oregon, USA. The first releases were by Smegma, Muslimgauze, Coil, and Nocturnal Emissions. Compact discs releases soon followed in increasing numbers, until eventually all of the cassettes were deleted. In recent years the label has issued vinyl records, video tapes, MiniDiscs, and DATs.

Much of the music is dark and electronic, but there are also examples of ethnic influences, ambient soundscapes, and even harsh experimental noise pieces.

Two European labels have been loyal allies in the early days of Soleilmoon's existence. Touch Music, based in London, has long been the home base for numerous vital musical and visual artists. Staalplaat, in Amsterdam (now Germany), was a virtual sister label of Soleilmoon for many years. Staalplaat and Soleilmoon frequently worked together to issue co-releases, and several artists were signed to both labels simultaneously. With the passing of time the two labels found themselves diverging artistically and philosophically, and now act independently of each other.

Soleilmoon releases are distributed in the UK by Cargo, in Europe by Cold Meat Industry and Dark Vinyl, and in Japan by Digital Narcis.

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