Soleiman Mehdizadeh

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Soleiman Mehdizadeh
سلیمان مهدیزاده
Soleiman Mehdizadeh.jpg
Performing Iaido Kata, May 2008.
Born 1955
Tehran, Iran
Residence Tehran, Iran Iran
Nationality Iranian
Style Iaido, Kendo, Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido
Rank Kyoshi, 8th Dan
Years active 1976 – Present
Occupation Martial arts instructor
Website SHINBUKAN (神武館) Dojo


Soleiman Mehdizadeh [1] (Japanese: ソレイマン・メヒディザデ, Persian: سلیمان مهدیزاده‎‎, Born 1955) is an Iranian master of Budō.

He traveled to Japan in 1977, to Tokyo, and started practicing Kendo. After a while he returned to Iran; but, again, in 1978, he went to Japan and in Nishiyama's Dojo practiced Kendo. He also learned Iaido from Totsuka and Goju-ryu Karate under Yamamoto.

Foundation history: Kendo & Iaido in Iran[edit]

The teaching of the traditional martial art of Kendo-Iaido in Iran was founded by Soleiman Mehdizadeh. In 1980, the International Martial Arts Federation started supervising Kendo & Iaido (Samurai). The formal training, which was under the control of Mehdizadeh, was in the Fencing Hall (Martial Arts Hall at the time). In the same year the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) prepared a film about the first samurai martial arts training class in Iran and then broadcast it on Jan. 6th 1983. Simultaneously Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) filmed a documentary showing martial arts exercises demonstrated by Mehdizadeh. Since Mehdizadeh had to stay in Japan for several months each year, for follow-up technical and specialty exercises, his masters advised him to reside in Japan, in order to pass higher level exams in Kendo-Iaido. Returning to Iran in 1994, Mehdizadeh recommenced training of students, under the supervision of the Karate Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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On Media[edit]

  • Featured on NHK; First Martial Art Samurai Dojo in Iran.[6]
  • Featured on PressTV; Martial Arts in Iran.[7]
  • Featured on IRIB TV3; Razm va Namaa (Iaido & Kendo).[8]
  • Featured on IRIB TV3; Razm va Namaa (Iaido & Kendo).[9]
  • Featured on IRINN; Honarhaye Razmi (Iaido & Kendo).[10]


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