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Elisabeth Esselink (born 14 August 1965, in Delft[1]), known by her stage name Solex, is the solo performing artist based in Amsterdam. Her music is a light-hearted amalgamation of pop music, electronica and sampling.


After performing as a member of the Dutch indie group Sonetic Vet, Esselink began the Solex project in order to give herself a more complete and fulfilling musical outlet. The name is taken from the French moped manufacturer Solex.

Utilizing the records in her own record store, she assembled her music on an antique 8-track recorder, singing original lyrics over her musical creations. The first album, Solex Vs. the Hitmeister, was cobbled together using samples from albums that Esselink had been unable to sell in her store. Later albums would see her assembling tracks with samples she had secretly recorded at live performances in addition to sampling records from her collection. She has appeared on Gerling's 2001 album Head3cleaner/When Young Terrorists Chase the Sun and The Go! Team's 2007 album Proof of Youth.






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