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Solid PDF Creator
Solidpdfcreator logo.png
Developer(s)Solid Documents
Initial release2006 (2006)
Stable release
9.0 (Windows) / June 18, 2014; 4 years ago (2014-06-18)[1]
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows XP, 2003, Vista, or 7
Size10.1 MB (Windows)
Available inMultilingual
TypePDF Creator
LicenseProprietary commercial software[2]

Solid PDF Creator is proprietary document processing software which converts virtually any Windows-based document into a PDF. Suitable for home and office use, the program appears as a printer option in the Print menu of any print-capable Windows application.[3] The same technology used in the software's Solid Framework SDK is licensed by Adobe for Acrobat X[4]


Solid Documents, the makers of Solid PDF Creator, launched the product in 2006 and have released several version updates since then including 2.0 in 2007.[5] The latest product enhancement, new to version 7, allows for the conversion of Windows-based documents into PDF/A documents in compliance with ISO 19005-1 standards for long-term preservation and archival purposes.[6] Version 9.0, released in June 2014, sees conversion and table reconstruction improvements, less XML output, and feature integration.[7]


Solid PDF Creator supports conversion from the following formats into PDF:[6]

Solid PDF Creator provides a variety of file conversion options including password protection, encryption, permission definition, ISO 19005-1 archiving standards, and file compression capabilities.[3][8]

Building upon the features offered in Solid PDF Creator, Solid PDF Creator Plus released in 2008 allows users to manipulate watermarks, rearrange pages, extract pages, and drag and drop content.[9]

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