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This article is about the metal imprint of Tooth & Nail Records. For the 1960s jazz label, see Solid State Records (jazz label).
Solid State Records
Parent company Tooth & Nail Records
Founded 1997 (1997)
Founder Brandon Ebel
Distributor(s) RED (US)
Fontana (US)
Sony Music (Worldwide)
Genre Christian metal, Christian hardcore, metalcore
Country of origin U.S.
Location Seattle, Washington
Official website

Solid State Records is a Christian record label, an imprint of Tooth & Nail Records. Unlike Tooth & Nail, Solid State signs hardcore punk and heavy metal bands.[1] Like Tooth & Nail, Solid State is primarily a Christian label. However, they have signed several bands with Christian members that don't label themselves as Christian bands, including Stretch Arm Strong,[2] Gwen Stacy,[3] He Is Legend,[4] the Famine,[5] Training for Utopia,[6] and the Agony Scene.[7] The label is best known for Norma Jean, Beloved, Zao and Stretch Arm Strong.[8]

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