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Solid State Records
Parent companyUnited Artists Records
Founded1966 (1966)
FounderPhil Ramone
Sonny Lester
Manny Albam
Country of originU.S.

Solid State Records was a jazz record label formed in 1966 by producers Sonny Lester and Phil Ramone, with arranger Manny Albam.

The label released original recordings in the mid to late 1960s by Joe Williams, Chick Corea, Jimmy McGriff, Dizzy Gillespie, the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra and many others before its jazz artists were consolidated under United Artists' Blue Note label.[1]



# Leader Album Year
SS-93 Various artists Demonstration Record: Highlights From Solid State
SS-94 Various artists You've Got To Hear It To Believe It
SS-18000 Manny Albam Brass on Fire 1966
SS-18001 Jimmy McGriff The Big Band 1966
SS-18002 Jimmy McGriff A Bag Full of Soul 1966
SS-18003 Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Presenting Thad Jones/Mel Lewis and the Jazz Orchestra 1966
SS-18004 Kokee Band Exotica 1970 1966
SS-18005 Will Bronson Will Bronson Presents The In Crowd Singers 1966
SS-18006 Jimmy McGriff Cherry 1966
SS-18007 Manny Albam and the Passion Guitars Introducing the Passion Guitars 1966
SS-18008 Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Presenting Joe Williams 1966
SS-18009 Manny Albam The Soul of the City 1966
SS-18010 Kokee Band Hawaii And Other Exotic Movie Themes 1966
SS-18011 Will Bronson The Best of Broadway
SS-18012 Ted Sommer Percussive Mariachi 1967
SS-18013 Nelson Riddle Music for Wives and Lovers 1967
SS-18014 Johnny Lytle A Man and a Woman 1967
SS-18015 Joe Williams Something Old, New and Blue 1967
SS-18016 Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Live At The Village Vanguard 1967
SS-18017 Jimmy McGriff A Bag Full of Blues 1967
SS-18018 Bill Evans/Jim Hall Undercurrent 1968 - Originally released as UAJ 14003 in 1962
SS-18019 Charles Mingus Wonderland 1968 - Originally released as UAL 4036 in 1959
SS-18020 Herbie Mann Jazz Impressions of Brazil 1968 - Originally released as UAJ 14009 in 1962
SS-18021 King Pleasure Mr. Jazz 1968 - Originally released as UAJ 14012 in 1962
SS-18022 Duke Ellington Money Jungle 1968 - Originally released as UAJ 14017 in 1963
SS-18023 Herbie Mann St. Thomas 1968 - Originally released as UAJ 14022 in 1962
SS-18024 Charles Mingus Town Hall Concert 1968 - Originally released as UAJ 14024 in 1962
SS-18025 John Coltrane Coltrane Time 1968 - Originally released as UAL 4014 in 1959
SS-18026 Johnny Lytle The Sound of Velvet Soul 1968
SS-18027 Dizzy Gillespie Jazz for a Sunday Afternoon Volume 1 1967
SS-18028 Dizzy Gillespie Jazz for a Sunday Afternoon Volume 2 1967
SS-18029 Mike Mainieri Insight 1968
SS-18030 Jimmy McGriff I've Got a New Woman 1967
SS-18031 Billy Strayhorn The Peaceful Side of Billy Strayhorn 1968 - Originally released as UAJ 14010 in 1963 recorded 1959
SS-18032 Count Basie Basie Meets Bond 1968 - Originally released a UAL 3480 in 1966
SS-18033 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Three Blind Mice 1967 - Originally released as UAJ 14002 in 1962
SS-18034 Dizzy Gillespie Live at the Village Vanguard 1967
SS-18035 Modern Jazz Quartet On Tour 1969 - Originally released as UAL 4063 in 1959
SS-18036 Jimmy McGriff Honey 1968
SS-18037 Various Artists Jazz for a Sunday Afternoon Vol. 3 1967
SS-18038 Vi Redd Birdcall 1968 - Originally released as UAJ 14016 in 1962
SS-18039 Chick Corea Now He Sings, Now He Sobs 1968
SS-18040 Billie Holiday Ladylove 1969 - Originally released as UAJ 14014 in 1962 recorded in 1954
SS-18041 Thad Jones/Mel Lewis The Big Band Sound featuring Miss Ruth Brown 1968
SS-18042 Soul Strings Soul Strings and a Funky Horn 1968
SS-18043 Chico Hamilton The Gamut 1967
SS-18044 Johnny Lytle Be Proud 1969
SS-18045 Jimmy McGriff The Worm 1968
SS-18046 Monk Higgins Extra Soul Perception 1969
SS-18047 Sonny Stitt Little Green Apples 1968
SS-18048 Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Monday Night 1968
SS-18049 Mike Mainieri Journey Thru an Electric Tube 1969
SS-18050 Chico Hamilton The Head Hunters 1969
SS-18051 Randy Brecker Score 1969
SS-18052 Various Artists Jazz for a Sunday Afternoon Volume 4 1969
SS-18053 Jimmy McGriff Step 1 1968
SS-18054 Dizzy Gillespie It's My Way 1969
SS-18055 Chick Corea Is 1969
SS-18056 Johnny Lytle Close Enough for Jazz 1969
SS-18057 Sonny Stitt Come Hither 1968
SS-18058 Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Central Park North 1969
SS-18059 Jeremy Steig This Is Jeremy Steig 1969
SS-18060 Jimmy McGriff A Thing to Come By 1969
SS-18061 Dizzy Gillespie Cornucopia 1969
SS-18062 Ray Nance Body and Soul 1969
SS-18063 Jimmy McGriff The Way You Look Tonight 1969
SS-18064 Earth Disciples Getaway Train 1969
SS-18065 Wali & The Afro Caravan Home Lost and Found the Natural Sound 1969
SS-18066 Candido Camero Thousand Finger Man 1969
SS-18068 Jeremy Steig Legwork 1967
SS-19000 Duke Ellington 70th Birthday Concert 1969


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