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For other uses, see Solidarity (disambiguation).
Charitable organization
Founded 1969
Headquarters Utrecht, Netherlands
Key people
Nico Roozen, Director
Number of employees
~190 (2013)

Solidaridad is an international organisation with more than 25 years of experience in creating fair and sustainable supply chains from producer to consumer. Solidaridad believes that fair and sustainable trade can be a powerful catalyst to reduce poverty, build communities and protect the environment. Solidaridad is a network of ten regional affiliate offices worldwide. The organization partners with companies, financial institutions, investors and other NGOs to develop supply chains with added value that enable producers, such as farmers and miners, to lift themselves out of poverty. Solidaridad also fosters support among the general public and consumers by building awareness of the opportunities that sustainable trade offers.

Solidaridad started out as a Dutch ecumenical development agency founded in 1969. However, by 2010 all ties to the churches were severed. Solidaridad emerged as an international NGO focused on improving livelihoods and increasing food security for smallholders, farmers and workers involved in producing a broad range of commodities including cocoa, coffee, cotton, fruit, gold, livestock, palm oil, soy, sugarcane, tea and textiles. The Solidaridad Network's regional centers are strategically located, around the globe, to facilitate implementation of its programs. These centers are supported by a team of sector experts, most of whom are located in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Solidaridad works in partnership with companies, governments, aid agencies, foundations and individuals to achieve its objectives.

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