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Solina Mind Mapping Software is a commercial mind mapping and activity mapping software application developed by Insoft Oy. The tool mimics free hand drawing. Mind maps created in Solina are based on organic mind maps developed by Tony Buzan. Solina Mind Mapping Software is available for Microsoft Windows.

Curved, organic topic and subtopic lines are created with a single stroke. Special drawing effects, symbols, documents and links can be included in mind maps to stimulate thinking process.


  • Solina v2013.2, October 2013 (New product name)
  • Solution Language Tool v2011.1 for Windows, January 2011
  • Solution Language Tool v2010.1 for Windows, March 2010
  • Solution Language Tool v2009.8 for Windows, June, 2009
  • Solution Language Tool v2008.2 for Windows, October 2008

File Format[edit]

Solina Mind Mapping Software stores mind maps and activity maps in XML format.

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