Solitaire (Edenbridge album)

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Edenbridge album - Solitaire.jpg
Studio album by Edenbridge
Released 30 June 2010
Genre Symphonic metal, Power metal
Length 00:52:57
Label Napalm Records
Producer Lanvall
Edenbridge chronology
The Bonding

Solitaire is the seventh studio album by the Austrian symphonic metal band Edenbridge.[1] Like its predecessor MyEarthDream, Solitaire also enlists the Czech Film Orchestra. Although the album features mainly symphonic metal, influences of power metal have also been observed.[2]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating[1] 3.5/5 stars
Metal Hammer Germany[3] 5/7
Sonic Seducer[2] (very favourable)

The album received positive reviews from the critics. The complex sound, a flawless production and the vocal abilities of singer Sabine Edelsbacher have been noted by both and the German Sonic Seducer magazine.[1][2] The latter also mentioned a few hints at power metal in the album and considered the overall material an aspirant for Symphonic metal song classics. The German edition of Metal Hammer praised the orchestral arrangements by Arne "Lanvall" Stockhammer and the overall musical mix of classic elements and metal.[3]

Solitaire did not enter the Austrian charts but peaked at position 95 in Germany.[4]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Entree Unique" 1:13
2. "Solitaire" 6:15
3. "Higher" 3:50
4. "Skyline's End" 5:32
5. "Bon Voyage Vagabond" 5:52
6. "Inward Passage" (Special Edition bonus track) 1:20
7. "Come Undone" 4:11
8. "Out of This World" 5:10
9. "Further Afield" 5:54
10. "Eternity" (Special Edition bonus track) 3:04
11. "A Virtual Dream?" 5:08
12. "Brothers on Diamir" 6:52
13. "Exit Unique" 2:49


  • Sabine Edelsbacher – vocals
  • Lanvall – lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards, piano, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, bouzouki
  • Max Pointer – drums, percussion
  • Dominik Sebastian – guitar, classic guitar


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