Solla Marandha Kadhai

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Solla Marandha Kadhai
Directed byThangar Bachan
Screenplay byThangar Bachan
Based onThalaikeezh Vigithangal
by Nanjil Nadan
Produced byMeena Panju Arunchalam
CinematographyThangar Bachan
Music byIlaiyaraaja
P. A. Art Productions
Distributed byChandra Sekar
Release date
  • 4 November 2002 (2002-11-04)

Solla Marandha Kadhai (transl. The story that was forgotten to be told) is a 2002 Indian Tamil-language film written and directed by Thangar Bachan. The film stars Cheran and Rathi. It is based on Nanjil Nadan's novel Thalaikeezh Vigithangal.[1] The film was released on 4 November 2002.[2]


Sivadhanu is the eldest son of a poor family and an educated but unemployed person. He has the responsibility of marrying his sister and taking care of his younger brothers. Chokkalingam notices Sivadhanu one day at the market and inquires Mudhaliar about him. Though being rich he approaches Sivadhanu's family to marry Sivadhanu to his elder daughter Parvathi. Though Sivadhanu does not like the idea of living in Chokkalingam's house after marriage, Mudhaliar convinces Sivadhanu and his family, that his father-in-law is capable of fetching him a job.

Soon after moving into Chokkalingam's house, Sivadhanu feels he is treated as a manservant, his independence is lost and made to look after the restaurant business of Chokkalingam unwillingly. One day his friend Panneer stumbles upon him and sees Sivadhanu being insulted by his father-in-law for his decisions in front of the public and remarks that one poor person should never be married to a rich bride and live with a father-in-law, since they will always treat them with inferiority. Sivadhanu also learns that his father-in-law has advised one of his close relatives, P. D. Elangovan MP to not recommend for any government jobs for which Sivadhanu had requested him earlier. When Sivadhanu's younger brother came to see his brother, Sivadhanu's in-laws insulted him because he was poor. This was probably overheard by Sivadhanu. Unable to bear the humiliation of his brother, he went home without telling anyone but was again convinced by Mudhaliar to return to his in-laws' house. When Sivadhanu calms Parvati after going to his house without telling her, Sivadhanu is overjoyed to know that the appointment letter from NLC as a geologist had arrived two days ago. Chokkalingam gets angry knowing that Sivadhanu is planning to go alone for work despite his words.

As time passes by, Parvati becomes pregnant and Sivadhanu had begun the preparations for his younger sister's marriage. For that, when Sivadhanu tried to take his wife to his home a couple of days before the wedding, Parvati's parents refused to send her with Sivadhanu. Due to his work and being out of contact, a situation arises where he cannot even visit his wife during her delivery. After making adequate arrangements in the quarters, Sivadhanu asks Parvati to come along with him to Neyveli, but Parvati refuses. Seeing Sivadhanu angry with Parvati, Chokkalingam beats Sivadhanu and throws him out of the house. Unable to recover from the humiliation caused by his father-in-law, he goes home sad. This time when Mudhaliar comes to make peace, he sends him away telling how Chokkalingam and his family had humiliated him and his family because he was poor.

After a few years, the family is saddened to learn that Sivadhanu, who had been living a lonely life, has requested a transfer to North India of his own free will. Sivadhanu's superior and his wife, visit Chokkalingam and requests him to send Parvathi along with Sivadhanu but Chokkalingam angrily refuses to send his daughter and granddaughter along with them. Parvati goes against her will and stays with her parents as per her father's advice. Before Sivadhanu leaves, a situation arises where he has to attend the wedding of his close friend Pokiri which is planned near Parvati's house. Even as Sivadhanu passes by the house, he hears the cry of his child. Unable to stay there any more, Sivadhanu quickly leaves his friend's wedding. When Parvati learns that Sivadhanu has come to the wedding, now with a change of mind, she runs and unites with Sivadhanu, now with the determination that it doesn't matter what her father thinks.



After the critically acclaimed Azhagi, Thangar Bachan announced his next project "Solla Marantha Kadhai". The director said he chose Cheran because he fitted the bill, adding, "I had also watched Cheran direct his artists in 'Pandavar Bhoomi' for which i was the cinematographer. I was amazed at the expressions he brought to his face, and when i was casting for my film, his was the first name that came to my mind". The film marked the debut of folk-singer Pushpavanam Kuppusamy as actor. An 80-day shooting schedule was held at locations in Cuddalore, Mayiladuthurai, Neyveli and Chidambaram.[4]


The music was composed by Ilaiyaraaja.[5]

Track listing
1."Kattula Thalai"Vidhu Prathap5:00
2."Gundu Malli"Harish Raghavendra, Shreya Ghoshal5:10
3."Amma Sonna"Vijay Yesudas, Ilaiyaraaja5:37
4."Panam Mattum"Ilaiyaraaja5:20
5."Yaedho Onn"Bhavatharini, Karthik5:19
6."Jakkamma"Mayilsamy, Ilaiyaraaja4:08
Total length:30:34

Critical reception[edit]

Malathi Rangarajan of The Hindu wrote, "Thankar Bachan's story telling skill stirred you in "Azhagi" but somehow the magic is missing this time".[6] Sify wrote "After that fairy tale Azhagi, Thankar Bachchan's second attempt to produce another whiff of romance with Solla Marantha Kathai has turned sour. The film is a mushy sentimental hogwash that reminds you of the tearjerkers of 50's and 60's."[7] Malini Mannath of Chennai Online wrote, "Bachan's second release 'Solla Marantha Kathai' disappoints, coming nowhere near his earlier one, neither in scripting, treatment nor characterisation. It's an oft told tale with nothing fresh or new about it".[8]


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