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Sollia is a former municipality in Norway.

Solliden with 386 inhabitants became a discrete municipality in Kristians amt, when separated from Ringebu in 1864. It was moved to Hedemarkens amt January 1, 1891. An uninhabited part of Ringebu was moved to Sollia January 1, 1899. Sollia, then with 356 inhabitants, was merged and became a part of the Stor-Elvdal on January 1, 1965.

The name[edit]

The first element is sol 'the Sun', the last element is the finite form of li 'hillside'. (Thus 'the sunny hillside'.)

Coordinates: 61°46′49″N 10°24′02″E / 61.7803°N 10.4006°E / 61.7803; 10.4006