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Masahiko Ohno performing live with one of his home made guitars
Background information
OriginOsaka, Japan
Years active1984 (1984)–present
Associated actsHijokaidan, Aube, Masonna, Vermilion Sands
MembersMasahiko Ohno
Katsumi Sugahara

Solmania (ソルマニア, Sorumania) is a Japanese noise music project, founded in 1984 by Masahiko Ohno (大野雅彦). He was later joined by Katsumi Sugahara (菅原克己) (ex Outo), who first appears on Trembling Tongues (1995). Ohno is known for making his own experimental electric guitars out of spare parts and using them in his live performances and recordings; the guitars usually take an extremely bizarre form, utilizing unconventional body shapes, extra necks, strings and pickups in unusual places, and various extraneous gadgets such as microphones. Most of their instruments are multi-neck guitars and harp guitars.

Masahiko Ohno also works as a graphic designer, and has worked on almost all the releases on Alchemy Records and Hören.


Year Title Label Notes
1984 Gakinoizz (ガキノイズ) Fatagaga Tapes
1985 H·A·D·A·Y·R·O
H.C.P. Resolvent
1986 Energetic Enema with Kyōakukyōjindan (恐悪狂人団)
1987 Erosion
1991 Metamorphor Chorus Alchemy
1992 Morphine Nocturne Vanilla Records
1993 Psycledelic Alchemy
1995 Trembling Tongues
1996 Evil Bed
1998 DLO
1999 Live-Big Rig Kibitsuri Tapes
2007 Noise May-Day 04 Alchemy DVDr
2013 The Basement Tapes and Discs Youth Inc. 9 CDs + DVD


Year Title Label Notes
2017 Solmania / Harsh Noise Movement Split HNM Records Split CDr with Harsh Noise Movement

Masahiko Ohno solo[edit]

Year Title Label
2009 Destroy Ohno Monsters 1 Fatagaga
Destroy Ohno Monsters 2
Destroy Ohno Monsters 3
Destroy Ohno Monsters X

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