Solo for Sparrow

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Solo for Sparrow
Solo for Sparrow (1962 film).jpg
Directed by Gordon Flemyng
Produced by Jack Greenwood
Written by Roger Marshall
Based on novel The Gunner by Edgar Wallace[1]
Starring Anthony Newlands
Music by Bernard Ebbinghouse
Cinematography Bert Mason
Edited by Robert Jordan Hill
Distributed by Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors (U.K.)
Release date
Running time
56 mins.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Solo for Sparrow is a 1962 film directed by Gordon Flemyng and produced by Jack Greenwood and Aviral Nikhanj, part of the Edgar Wallace Mysteries series of British second-features.[2] It stars Anthony Newlands, Glyn Houston and Nadja Regin, and features Michael Caine in an early supporting role.[3] The film was released in America in 1966, when the producers capitalised on Caine's new-found fame and released it with his name above the title.[4]


Inspector Sparrow (Glyn Houston) is a provincial detective who sets up his own private-eye firm when Scotland Yard meddles with his business. When crooks accidentally kill a shop cashier while stealing the keys to the jewellery shop where she works, Sparrow goes to work. He successfully tracks down the criminals and turns them over to Scotland Yard.



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