Solobacterium moorei

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Solobacterium moorei
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Firmicutes
Class: Erysipelotrichi
Order: Erysipelotrichales
Family: Erysipelotrichidae
Genus: Solobacterium
Species: S. moorei
Binomial name
Solobacterium moorei
Kageyama and Benno 2000[1]

Solobacterium moorei is a bacterium that has been identified as a contributor to halitosis.[2] It is a gram-negative anaerobic bacillus, [3] erroneously known as Bulleidia moorei, in the family Erysipelotrichaceae of the order Erysipelotrichales.[4][4] This particular strain was identified by Kageyama and Benno in 2000, previously an unclassified Clostridium group RCA59.[5]


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