Solomon's Lodge, Charleston

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Solomon's Lodge No. 1 A.F.M. (Ancient Free Masons) in Charleston is the oldest Masonic Lodge in South Carolina.[1] It was established in organized in 1734, received a Warrant of Constitution from the Grand Lodge of England in 1735[2] and held its first meeting under this warrant on October 28th, 1736.[3] It has often been confused with Solomon's Lodge in Savannah, Georgia, also a founding lodge for that state that was founded in the same year.[4] The Charter that was issued to Solomon's Lodge No.1 in Charleston was signed prior to Solomon's Lodge Number 1 in Savnnah, however, the ship carrying both charters broke down and was towed into port in Savannah Georgia. Once in Savannah the Charter for Solomon's Lodge in Savannah was delivered first allowing them to meet 9 months prior to Solomon's Lodge Charleston. Solomon's Lodge No.1 in Charleston has had several brothers of distinction to include John Hammerton, the first Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of South Carolina. The first American ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett was a Past Master of the lodge.[5] Other prominent members include Rev. Robert Smith, founder of the College of Charleston, and Issac Auld, one of the "Eleven Gentlemen of Charleston" who founded the first Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in Charleston on May 31st 1801. For more information visit


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