Solomon Hills

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Solomon Hills
Solomon Hills is located in California
Solomon Hills
location of Solomon Hills in California [1]
Highest point
Elevation401 m (1,316 ft)
CountryUnited States
DistrictSanta Barbara County
Range coordinates34°50′5.929″N 120°22′59.579″W / 34.83498028°N 120.38321639°W / 34.83498028; -120.38321639Coordinates: 34°50′5.929″N 120°22′59.579″W / 34.83498028°N 120.38321639°W / 34.83498028; -120.38321639
Topo mapUSGS Orcutt

The Solomon Hills are a low mountain range in the western Transverse Ranges, in northern Santa Barbara County, California. The Hills separate the Santa Maria Valley and Santa Maria to the north, from the Los Alamos Valley and the Santa Ynez Valley to the south.


The Solomon Hills are named for Salomon Pico, the 19th century Mexican—Californio patriot and bandit of Alta California, that is said to have ambushed, robbed and killed many of his victims in the area between 1849 and 1852.

The Orcutt Oil Field, discovered in 1901, [2] occupies the westernmost portion of the Solomon Hills range.[1]


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