Solomon Islands general election, 2010

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Solomon Islands general election, 2010
Solomon Islands
2006 ←
4 August 2010 → 2014

All 50 seats to the National Parliament
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Steve Abana Manasseh Sogavare Danny Philip
Party Democratic Party OUR Party Reformed Democratic Party
Last election 5 seats new party new party
Seats won 13 3 3
Seat change +8 +3 +3

Prime Minister before election

Derek Sikua
Liberal Party

Subsequent Prime Minister

Danny Philip
Reformed Democratic Party

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A general election was held in Solomon Islands on 4 August 2010.[1][2] In May 2010, Prime Minister Derek Sikua announced that the election would be held on 4 August;[3] however, this announcement was deemed to be premature, as only the Governor General has the authority to announce the election date upon the advice of the Electoral Commission.[4] In the end, this date was used, however.


There were a total of 509 candidates, including 25 women.[5]


On 11 August 2009, lobbying was reported in progress, as several political groups jockeyed to form a coalition government. No candidates for the Solomon Islands leadership post of Prime Minister had yet been announced; however, it appears that three main camps have formed.

The first camp is built around the outgoing government led by Derek Sikua. One of its spokespeople, Matthew Wale, claimed on 13 August that the group has the support of five parties and 30 MPs including the Democratic Party (SIDP, 14 MPs), the National Party (or Nasnol Pati, 3 MPs), the Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA, 3 MPs), the Liberal Party (2 MPs), the People's Congress Party (PCP, 2 MPs), and six independents. This camp is based at the Heritage Hotel.[6]

A second camp is based around three parties: the Ownership, Unity and Reconciliation (OUR, 4 seats) party, which is led by a former Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare; the Direct Development Party (DDP, 2 MPs), which is led by former Director of the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE); and the Reform and Democratic Party (RDP, 2 seats), which is led by a former Deputy Prime Minister Danny Philip. This camp is based at the Pacific Casino Hotel.[6]

A third camp is led by the newly established Independent Democratic Party (IDP), led by Snyder Rini and is based at Honiara Hotel. The IDP's party secretary Leonard Kaitu'u explained that the IDP was the successor to a previous party, the Association of Independent Members.[7] Kaitu'u has suggested that their camp will also get support from the People's Alliance Party (PAP) and the Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA).[8] However, it is not clear whether the PAP won any seats in the new parliament and it is possible that SIPRA will decide to join with the Heritage Hotel camp. A spokesman for the group denied that cash incentives were being used to secure members for the coalition.[9]


The event was overseen by international election observers connected with the United Nations International Election Observation Coordination Team. The elections were described as peaceful, although strong concerns were expressed about voter registration irregularities.[10]

25 incumbents were returned and 25 were replaced (including three seats where the incumbent chose not to recontest and one seat that was vacant due to the death of Edward Huni'ehu). Of the 50 MPs, most are relatively inexperienced: 45 have served less than two terms in office. The five long-serving MPs are Job Dudley Tausinga (entering his 7th consecutive term), Danny Philip (5th term), Snyder Rini (4th term), Manasseh Sogavare (4th term) and Gordon Darcy Lilo (3rd term).

Constituency Member Party
Choiseul Province
South Choiseul Elijah Doro Muala SINP/SIPRA?
North West Choiseul Connelly Sadakabatu SIDP
East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare* OUR
Western Province
Shortlands Steve Laore Ind.
North Vella La Vella Milner Tozaka* Ind.
South Vella La Vella Lionel Alex Ind.
Rannogga/Simbo Charles Sigoto RDP
Gizo/Kolombangara Gordon Darcy Lilo* SIPRA
West New Georgia - Vona Vona Silas Tausinga SIPRA
North New Georgia Job Dudley Tausinga* SIPRA
South New Georgia R&T Danny Philip* RDP
Marovo Snyder Rini* IDP
Isabel Province
Hograno/Kia/Havulei Selwyn Riumana* Ind.
Maringe/Kokota Varian Lomanei* IDP
Gao/Bugotu Samuel Manetoali* RUPP
Malaita Province
North Malaita Jimmy Lusibaea Ind.
Lau Mbaelalea Walter Folotalu* SIDP
Baegu/Asifola Toswell Kaua* Ind.
Fataleka Steve Abana* SIDP
West Kwara'ae Shemuel Sam Iduri* SIDP
Central Kwara'ae Fiulaua Jackson Ind.
East Malaita Manasseh Maelanga* SIDP
Aoke/Langalanga Matthew Wale* SIDP
East Kwaio Stanley Festus Sofu* SIDP
West Kwaio Peter Tom* SIDP
East Are Are Andrew Hanaria Ind.
West Are Are John Maneniaru Ind.
Small Malaita Rick Houenipwela SIDP
Malaita Outer Islands Martin Kialoe SIDP
Central Province
Ngella Mark Kemakeza* Ind.
Russells and Savo Dickson Mua Panakitasi OUR
Rennell and Bellona
Rennell-Bellona Seth Gukuna* PCP
Guadalcanal Province
North West Guadalcanal Horst Heinz Bodo Dettke Ind.
West Guadalcanal Moses Garu SIDP
South Guadalcanal David Dei Pacha* SIDP
East Guadalcanal Bradley Tovosia Ind.
East Central Guadalcanal Joseph Onika OUR
North East Guadalcanal Derek Sikua* SILP
North Guadalcanal Martin Sopaghe* Ind.
Central Guadalcanal Peter Shanel OUR
Honiara City
East Honiara Douglas Ete DDP/RDP
Central Honiara John Moffat Fugui DDP
West Honiara Namson Tran Ind.
Makira Province
West Makira Dick Ha'amori DDP
Central Makira Hypolite Taremae Ind.
East Makira Alfred Ghiro SIDP
Ulawa/Ugi James Tora* SIDP
Temotu Province
Temotu Pele Martin Magga* Ind.
Temotu Nende Cummins Mewa Ind.
Temotu Vatud Clay Forau Soalaoi* PFP

OUR = Ownership, Unity and Responsibility (OUR) Party, SIDP = SI Democratic Party, RDP = Reform Democratic Party, SIPRA = SI Party for Rural Advancement, SINP = SI National Party, DDP = Direct Development Party, RUPP = Rural and Urban Development Party, IDP = Independent Democratic Party, SILP = SI Liberal Party, PCP = People's Congress Party, PFP = People's Federation Party, Ind. = independent (or affiliation unknown)

*Note that returning MPs are marked with an asterisk (*) and that party affiliations are based on the affiliations recorded by the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC) and as reported in various news reports.[11][12][13][14] In some cases, MPs have been assigned dual party affiliations where the available reporting is unclear.

Prime Minister[edit]

Danny Philip was narrowly elected the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands on 24 August 2010, with 26 votes compared with 23 for his rival, the SIDP's Steve Abana.[15]

In a victory speech following the Prime Ministerial election, Philip stated that his first priority would be to form a new government.[15] He said his government would actively support the country's Constitutional Reform process.[15] This had been one of his central campaign pledges, and the reason why he had formed the Reform Democratic Party.[16]

Upon naming his Cabinet, he appointed Manasseh Maelanga as his deputy.[17]

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