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Skyline of Solomonovo
Coat of arms of Solomonovo
Coat of arms
Solomonovo is located in Zakarpattia Oblast
Coordinates: 48°25′50″N 22°9′50″E / 48.43056°N 22.16389°E / 48.43056; 22.16389Coordinates: 48°25′50″N 22°9′50″E / 48.43056°N 22.16389°E / 48.43056; 22.16389
CountryUkraine Ukraine
OblastZakarpattia Oblast
RaionUzhhorod Raion

Solomonovo (Ukrainian: Соломоново; Hungarian: Tiszasalamon, Salamon) is a village in Uzhhorod Raion (district) of Zakarpattia Oblast (province) in western Ukraine. It is located 2 km (1.2 mi) west of the Chop railway station. It had a population of 1,342, according to the 2001 census.

It is the most western Ukrainian municipality. The distance to the most eastern village Rannya Zorya in the Luhansk Oblast is 1,500 km (930 mi). The village is located in close proximity to the city of Chop and Ukrainian border with Hungary and Slovakia.

The village is well known for its Škoda owned Eurocar[1] subsidiary. Situated on the Highway M06 (part of the European route E573), in the village is located vehicle border crossing with Hungary Chop –Tysa.

According to the Ukrainian Census, about 60% of the population speak Hungarian, while over 37% speak the Ukrainian language.

People born here[edit]

  • Petro Maha, Ukrainian lyricist, Merited Artist of Ukraine



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