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Solonetz profile

Solonetz (Ukrainian: Солонець, Russian: Солоне́ц, IPA: [səlɐˈnʲɛts]) is a type of soil in FAO soil classification. They have, within the upper 100 cm of the soil profile, a so-called "natric horizon" ("natrium" is the Latin term for sodium). There is a subsurface horizon (subsoil), higher in clay content than the upper horizon, that has more than 15% exchangeable sodium. The name is based on the Russian соль (sol, meaning salt). Ukrainian folk word "solontsi" means salty soil. In Ukraine there are many villages that are called Solontsі.

Solonetz zones are associated with gleysols, solonchaks and kastanozems.

In USA soil taxonomy, solonetz corresponds to sodium-rich aridisols and mollisols.