Soltam M-66

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Soltam M-66
Soltam M-66 in Beyt ha-Totchan Museum, Zikhron Ya'akov.
Type Mortar
Place of origin Israel
Service history
Used by See operators
Production history
Designer Vammas
Manufacturer Soltam
Weight 225–341 kg (496–752 lb)
Crew 6-8

Caliber 160 mm (6.29 in)
Elevation +30°/+80°
Traverse -20°/+20°
Effective firing range 9,600 m (10,498 yd)
Makmat 160 mm.

The M-66 is a 160 mm mortar manufactured by Soltam of Israel. The weapon was based on an earlier 160 mm design, the M-58 mortar by Vammas of Finland. It can fire a 38 kg (84 lb) HE bomb out to a maximum range of 9,600 m and requires a crew of 6-8 to operate.

In addition to the towed variant, the M-66 was mounted on Sherman tank chassis, resulting in the Makmat 160 mm.


Map with M-66 operators in blue

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