Soltan Mosque

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Soltan Mosque
Tuqay street and Soltan mosque minaret.JPG
Soltan Mosque's minaret
Basic information
Location Russia Kazan, Russia
Geographic coordinates 55°46′33″N 49°07′07″E / 55.77583°N 49.11861°E / 55.77583; 49.11861Coordinates: 55°46′33″N 49°07′07″E / 55.77583°N 49.11861°E / 55.77583; 49.11861
Affiliation Islam
District  Tatarstan
Country Russia
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Volga Tatar Medieval, National Romance
Completed 1868
Minaret(s) 1

The Soltan Mosque (Cyrillic: Солтан мәчете; formerly Cihanşa bay Mosque, The Red Mosque, Ğosman Mosque, The Eighth Mosque, also spelled Sultan or Sultanovskaya via Russian Султановская мечеть) is a mosque in Kazan, Russia.



It was built in 1868 on the donation of merchant Cihanşa Ğosmanov. The mosque is built in traditions of the Tatar-Bolghar medieval architecture combined with national romance style. There is one hall with entresol. The three-storied minaret is placed over the entry. In 1931 the mosque was closed by the Soviet authorities. In 1990 the minaret was restored, in 1994 the mosque was returned to believers.

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