Soltan Bakht Agha Mausoleum

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Soltan Bakht Agha Mausoleum
Soltan Bakht Agha Mausoleum is located in Iran
Soltan Bakht Agha Mausoleum
Shown within Iran
Basic information
Location Isfahan, Iran
Geographic coordinates 32°40′22″N 51°40′45″E / 32.672869°N 51.679064°E / 32.672869; 51.679064Coordinates: 32°40′22″N 51°40′45″E / 32.672869°N 51.679064°E / 32.672869; 51.679064
Municipality Isfahan
Province Isfahan
Architectural type Mausoleum
Dome(s) 1

The Soltan Bakht Agha mausoleum(Persian: آرامگاه سلطان بخت آقا‎) is a historical mausoleum in Isfahan, Iran. Soltan Bakht Agha was Shah Sheykh Abu Esshaq's niece. Shah Sheykh Abu Esshaq was a handsome, good-natured but ill-fated King in the 14th century, who was contemporaneous with Hafez.

After the murder of her uncle by Mozaffarids, Soltan Bakht Agha decides to marry Mobarez ed-Din Mohammad for influencing in the court of Mozaffarids and causing a rift among the princes. Her brother-in-law, Jalaleddin, helps her with it. After a while Mobarez ed-Din Mohammad realizes his wife's intrigues and orders to kill her. After killing Soltan Bakht Agha by Mobarez ed-Din Mohammad, Jalaleddin captures Isfahan and orders to build a splendid mausoleum on her tomb.[1]

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