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Photo: Raedthuys Group - The SolUTra during the Panasonic World Solar Challenge 2005 in Australia

The Solutra is the first solar car designed by a group of students, the Raedthuys Solar Team, of the University of Twente. It participated in the 8th World Solar Challenge in 2005 and finished 9th place. Another Dutch team won the race with their car Nuna 3.

This solar car is the current FIA world record holder on the 1 km with a flying start. This record has been set on August 28, 2005 at the Gronausestraat in Enschede, The Netherlands.


Length 4999mm
Width 1799mm
Height 800mm
Vehicle Weight 210 kg
Drag coefficient 0,08 CdA
Panel efficiency 24,5%
Battery capacity 5.5kWh
Top speed 125 km/h
1000 km average 85 km/h

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