Solveig Dommartin

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Solveig Dommartin
In Wings of Desire (1987)
Born 16 May 1961
Paris, France
Died 11 January 2007(2007-01-11) (aged 45)
Paris, France

Solveig Dommartin (16 May 1961 – 11 January 2007) was a French-German actress.

Her acting career began in the theatre with "Compagnie Timothee Laine" and with the "Theater Labor Warschau".[1] She had her first experiences with film as an assistant of Jacques Rozier.

Her debut as a film actress was Wings of Desire (1987) under Wim Wenders. She was able to learn the challenging circus acrobatics in only eight weeks,[2] and performed the full role without using a stunt double. She co-authored Until the End of the World (1991) with Wenders and travelled around the world with him in search of locations for the project.

Wim Wenders said about Until the End of the World: "Solveig Dommartin and I had written the story of our film together, and we thought that we only had the right to enter into such a sacred area like a person's dreams, if we would bring something into the work that was sacred to ourselves".

Dommartin died of a heart attack in Paris in 2007 at the age of 45.[2] She was survived by her daughter, Venus.






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