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Solveig Hoogesteijn, born August 3, 1946 in Sweden, is a noted Venezuelan motion picture writer, producer and director.

Film creations[edit]

She wrote, produced and directed Santera; Macu, la Mujer del Policía (Macu, the Policeman's Woman); Alemania Puede Ser Muy Bella, a Veces (Germany can be very beautiful, sometimes); Manoa - Flucht aus der Zeit. The latter film was a made-for-TV movie.)

Hoogesteijn co-wrote, produced, and directed El Mar del tiempo perdido (The Sea of Lost Time, 1981) and Manoa. She also co-wrote, directed, and served as executive producer on the film Maroa, which was Venezuela's Official Selection for the 79th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film in 2007.

Personal life[edit]

Hoogesteijn is the second daughter of a Dutch father and a German mother who migrated to Venezuela in 1947. For more than 30 years her father directed a German-language radio program in Caracas called La Hora Alemana (The German Hour), which was amusing because her German had a noticeable Dutch accent.

She studied High School at the Humboldt German School in Caracas. She then went abroad to study filmmaking between 1971 and 1976 at the University of Television and Film Munich. Later, she pursued Art and Literature studies in Venezuela's Central University in Caracas. Hoogesteijn married Venezuelan jazz saxophonist, composer and actor Victor Cuica, who has shared credits in several of her films, being in charge of their soundtracks and, in some cases, acting in main roles. They have one son. Hoogesteijn is currently (since 2002) the manager of a cultural film and theater facility in Caracas.


  • 1975: Puerto Colombia
  • 1977: El Mar Del Tiempo Perdido (The Sea Of Lost Time)
  • 1980: Manoa
  • 1980: Manoa - Flucht aus der Zeit (for TV)
  • 1982: Alemania Puede Ser Muy Bella, a Veces (Germany Can Be Very Beautiful, Sometimes)
  • 1987: Macu, La Mujer Del Policía (Macu, The Policeman's Woman)
  • 1994: Santera
  • 2005: Maroa

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