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Solveig Nordström is a Swedish archeologist.[1]


In 1955, she prevented the destruction of the archeological remains of an ancient Roman city located in Alicante by lying on the ground in front of the bulldozer that had been brought in to level the ground to make way for a new hotel complex. Her bravery was reported worldwide and this site is now confirmed to be the ancient Roman city of Lucentum. Her endeavour culminated in the “Lucentum” site being designated in 1961 as an "Artistic and Historic Monument", which then afforded it some legal protection.

La Escuera[edit]

La Escuera contains an Iberian temple sanctuary dating back to the third century BC, originally investigated by Solveig Nordström in 1960. After her excavation of the La Escuera site in 1960 she wrote a book detailing her work.


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