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The Solway Investment Group Limited, Solway Group, or Solway Investment Group, The Solway Investment Group, GmbH, is a private international mining and metals group located in Switzerland. Main areas of expertise are industrial project development, relaunching production assets, and developing new projects. With 100% EU capital and operational offices in Luxembourg, Switzerland and Estonia. The Group comprises a number of core investments and operations focused primarily on the metals and mining sector - particularly nickel mining and production. Solway also manages its own direct investment fund with main interests in commercial real estate and information technologies. The Group conducts operations in Macedonia, Ukraine, Indonesia and Guatemala.[1] Solway is an investment firm established in 1992 with assets in mining, iron, steel, IT, and property. The firm has assets in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific region.[2]


  • Solway Industries
  • Solway Resource[3]
  • Solway Finance Ltd[4]
  • Solway Real Estate
  • Solway Equity Participation[3]


  • Aluminum: In the mid-90s acquired controlling interests in several aluminum plants, the Volgograd Aluminum Plant, the Volkhov Aluminum Plant, and the Pikalevo Alumina Plant. These were sold in 2006 to SUAL, now part of Rusal.
  • Ferroalloy: In 1996 a controlling interest was acquired in the Kluchevskoy Ferroalloys Plant in the Ural region. The plant produced a wide range of ferroalloys and rare earth alloys. Solway's interest was sold to a manager group in 2003. It is now part of MidUral Group.[5]
  • Steel: The Red October Steel Plant in Volgograd was acquired in 1999 from creditors in bankruptcy. The plant was restarted and full production restored. It was sold in 2003 to Midland Group. It is now a part of Rosoboronexport, a state-owned firm.
  • Scopski Leguri, an idle smelter in Macedonia was acquired in 2006 and restarted using high-grade manganese ore to produce FeSiMn. The plant was resold in 2006 to investors.[6]

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