Somabaresvara Siva Temple

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Somabaresvara Siva Temple
Somabaresvara Siva Temple is located in Odisha
Somabaresvara Siva Temple
Location in Orissa
Coordinates 20°15′53″N 85°51′40″E / 20.26472°N 85.86111°E / 20.26472; 85.86111Coordinates: 20°15′53″N 85°51′40″E / 20.26472°N 85.86111°E / 20.26472; 85.86111
Country India
State Orissa
Locale Bhubaneswar
Elevation 17 m (56 ft)
Sanctum Siva lingam
Architectural styles kalingan
Kalinga Architecture

The Somabaresvara Siva Temple is located in the Kapilesvara temple precinct (Lat- 200 15’ 53" N., Long- 850 51’ 40" E., Elev- 56 ft). The enshrined deity is a Sivalingam over a square yonipitha made of sand stone. The temple has a vimana in pidha order. It is triratha on plan and the temple is buried up to the baranda. The temple is facing towards west. The remaining part of the bada measure 0.78 m in height. The gandi measures 0.75 m having three receding tiers. Mastaka measures 0.50 m in height. The doorjamb measures 0.57 m in height x 0.38 m in width and the sanctum is 0.27 m below the ground level. The cella measures 0.75 square m whereas the vimana measures 1.15 square m. The temple is surrounded by Beharana mandapa in the west at a distance of 7.50 m, Kapila kunda in the east. Southern entrance of the Natamandapa of Kapilesvara temple in the north, Kala Bhairava temple is at a distance of 1.55 m.

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