Somali Yacht Club

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Somali Yacht Club
OriginLviv, Ukraine
GenresPost-metal, Stoner rock, Progressive rock
Years active2010-present
LabelsBilocation Records, Jenny Records, Robustfellow Productions
MembersMezk Erei AKA Ihor Pryshliak
Artur Savluk
Lesyk Mahula

Somali Yacht Club is a Ukrainian rock band from Lviv formed in 2010.


Forming as a jam band in 2010 in the city of Lviv, close to the Ukrainian border with Poland, Somali Yacht Club eventually evolved into a main band for the 3 members.[1] Self-releasing their first EP, Sandsongs in 2011, they signed on to Bilocation Records to release their first LP, The Sun in 2014.[2] Their sound has been favorably compared to the likes of Pelican, Tool, and Kyuss.[3]




  • The Sun (2014, Bilocation Records, Robustfellow Productions)
  • The Sea (2018, Bilocation Records, Robustfellow Productions)
  • The Sun +1 (2018, Robustfellow Productions)


  • Sandsongs (2011, self-released)
  • Desert Walls (2013, self-released)
  • Sun's Eyes (2015, self-released)


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