Somali First Division

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Somali First Division
CountrySomalia Somalia
Number of teams10
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toSomali Second Division
Domestic cup(s)Somalia Cup
Current championsDekedda
TV partnersSNTV Astaan Sports
WebsiteOfficial Website
2018 Somali First Division

The Somali premier league (Somali: Heerka Koowaad ee Soomaali, Arabic: دوري الدرجة الأولى الصومالية‎) also known as Serie A, is the Somali professional league for men's football association. It has been active for over 48 years since its establishment in 1967.


As of 2018–19 season:

Club Location Stadium
Benadir SC Mogadishu Mogadiscio Stadium
Dekedda Mogadishu Banadir Stadium
Elman FC Mogadishu Mogadiscio Stadium
Gaadiidka Mogadishu Banadir Stadium
Heegan Mogadishu Banadir Stadium
Horseed FC Horseed Horseed Stadium
Jeenyo United Mogadishu Banadir Stadium
Muqdisho united Mogadishu Banadir Stadium
Waxool FC Mogadishu Banadir Stadium
Midnimo FC Mogadishu Banadir stadium

Foreign Players[edit]

Each team competing in the league is only allowed to register four foreign players at a time.[1]

Previous winners[edit]

Previous winners were:[2]

Performance by club[edit]

Club Titles Last Title
Elman FC 9 2012–13
Horseed FC 7 1979–80
Banadir (includes Banadir Telecom) 6 2015–16
Wagad 4 1988
Jeenyo United (includes Lavori Publici) 4 1980–81
Dekedda (includes Ports Authority) 4 2018
Mogadishu Municipality 3 1989
Heegan (includes Somali Police) 2 2014–15
Deledda FC 1 1998
Alba 1 1995
Morris Supplies 1 1994
Gaadiidka 1 1990
Marine Club 1 1984
Printing Agency 1 1983
Hoga 1 1968

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