Somawathiya Chaitya

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Somawathiya Chaitya
  • සෝමාවතිය චෛත්‍ය (Sinhala)
  • சோமாவதிய சைத்யா (Tamil)
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ProvinceNorth Central Province
LocationSomawathiya National Park, Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka
Somawathiya Chaitya is located in Sri Lanka
Somawathiya Chaitya
Shown within Sri Lanka
Geographic coordinates08°07′15.16″N 81°10′07.9″E / 8.1208778°N 81.168861°E / 8.1208778; 81.168861Coordinates: 08°07′15.16″N 81°10′07.9″E / 8.1208778°N 81.168861°E / 8.1208778; 81.168861
TypeBuddhist Temple

The Somawathiya Chaitya (Sinhala: සෝමාවතිය චෛත්‍ය, Tamil: சோமாவதிய சைத்யா)[2] is a Buddhist Stupa situated in the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. Chaitya premises is called the Somawathiya Rajamaha Viharaya.[3][4]

The Somawathiya Chaitya[5] is located within the Somawathiya National Park[6] on the left bank of the Mahaweli River,[7] and is believed to have been built long before the time of Dutugamunu enshrining the right canine Relic of the tooth of the Buddha. It is attributed to the reign of King Kavan Tissa - Dutugemunu's father - who ruled Magama. Somawathiya is therefore much older than Ruwanwelisaya, Mirisawetiya Vihara or Jetavanaramaya.

The stupa is named after Princess Somawathi, the sister of King Kavantissa, and the wife of regional ruler Prince Giri Abhaya. The prince built the stupa to enshrine the right tooth relic of the Buddha, obtained from Arahat Mahinda, and named the stupa after the princess. Upon completion of the stupa and other constructions, the prince and princess handed over the temple to Arahat Mahinda and other monks.


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