Somb river

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Somb river
Som river
Native nameसोम नदी  (Hindi)
Physical characteristics
 - locationShivalik Hills, Haryana
Length40 km (25 mi)
 - locationPathrala barrage at Western Yamuna Canal in Haryana
Basin features
 - leftPathrala river (Bali Nadi)
WaterbodiesDadupur barrage

The Somb river, also spelled Som river (Hindi: सोम नदी) is a tributary of Yamuna in Haryana state of India.[1]

Origin and route[edit]

The Somb river originates in the Shivalik hills near Adi Badri (Haryana) in Yamunanagar district on the border of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh State.

In 1875-76 Pathrala barrage at Dadupur was built where Somb river meets Western Yamuna Canal in Haryana.[2]

The basin is classified in two parts, Khadir and Bangar, the higher area that is not flooded in rainy season is called Bangar and the lower flood-prone area is called Khadar.[1]

Irrigation and Hydal Power[edit]

The Western Yamuna Canal has several check dams in Yamunanagar district and Hydal power is generated at Pathrala barrage.[2] some of which are also used for the hydel power generation.

Identification with Vedic rivers[edit]

The Somb river passing through here is considered by some to follow the course of the Rig Vedic Sarasvati river.[3][title missing][author missing][page needed]


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