Sombra–Marine City (Bluewater) Ferry

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The Sombra – Marine City (Bluewater) Ferry is a ferry service that crosses the St. Clair River, connecting Sombra, Ontario in Canada on the eastern bank with Marine City, Michigan in the United States on the western bank.

Vehicles may access the ferry from Lambton County Road 33/St. Clair Parkway (a former alignment of Highway 40) in Sombra or from Highway M-29 in Marine City. In Sombra on the Ontario/Canadian side, the dock is on King Street. On the Michigan/American side, the dock is on South Water Street.

The Bluewater Ferry currently operates two vessels, the Daldean of Chatham and the Ontamich. The Daldean of Chatham is larger and can carry 12 car equivalents or two semi-trailer trucks, while the Ontamich, launched 1939, is capable of ferrying 9 car equivalents or one semi-trailer truck.

As of July, 2013 the ferry charges a toll of $7.00 (CAN or US) for an automobile.

The first departure from Sombra is 0640 and from Marine City at 0700.

Occasionally during the winter months the ferry may not be able to operate because of heavy ice buildup on one shore or the other.

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