Some Girls (The Rolling Stones song)

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"Some Girls"
Song by The Rolling Stones from the album Some Girls
Released 9 June 1978
Recorded 10 October – 21 December 1977; Pathé Marconi Studios, Paris
Genre Rock
Length 4:37
Label Rolling Stones/Virgin
Writer(s) Jagger/Richards
Producer(s) The Glimmer Twins
Some Girls track listing

"Some Girls" is the title track of English rock and roll band the Rolling Stone's 1978 album Some Girls. It marked the third time a song on one of the band's albums also served as the album's title and is noted for its risque lyrics concerning the title's "some girls".


Alongside previous Stones releases that courted controversy ("Under My Thumb", "Brown Sugar", "Star Star") due to their apparently degrading lyrics towards women, "Some Girls" caused a ruckus among both feminists and civil rights activists over such lyrics as "black girls just want to get fucked all night" and "Chinese girls are so gentle/They're really such a tease". Mick Jagger and the band defended the song, saying the lyrics mocked actual stereotypical feelings towards women. Saturday Night Live cast member Garrett Morris commented on the controversy with a mock-editorial on the show's Weekend Update segment: After giving the impression that he was going to openly criticize the Stones, he quoted a sanitized version of the "Black girls just..." line, then stated "I have one thing to say to you, Mr. Mick Jagger... where are these women?!?"

The song is demonstrative of the unconventional uses of steel guitars heard throughout the Some Girls album, with an unusual, droning, phased two-chord groove that's among the Stones' most unusual arrangements. The original cut of the song ran some 23 minutes and featured verses Jagger came up with as they went along. Harmonica player Sugar Blue provides some virtuosic blues-style solos on the track.

The song was featured heavily on the Stones' 1999 North American No Security Tour which concentrated on lesser-known songs from the band's catalogue.

A performance during the band's 2006 leg of the A Bigger Bang Tour was captured for the 2008 concert film Shine a Light and the accompanying live album.

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