Some People (film)

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Some People
"Some People" (1962).jpg
Directed by Clive Donner
Produced by James Archibal
Written by John Eldridge
Starring Kenneth More
Ray Brooks
Music by Ron Grainer
Cinematography John Wilcox
Edited by Fergus McDonell
Vic Films Productions
Distributed by Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors (UK)
Release date
June 1962
Running time
93 min.
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Some People is a 1962 musical film directed by Clive Donner.[1] It stars Kenneth More and Ray Brooks and is centred on the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.[2]


A welfare worker (Kenneth More) tries to help a gang of teenagers in Bristol.


The film was shot entirely on location in Bristol with Anneke Willis recalling the crew arrived in Bristol three weeks before shooting to get the feel of Bristol with the boys learning the local accent, riding motorbikes and visiting local dance halls with much of the script being adlibbed. More agreed to play his role for nothing apart from his expenses because he had no other offers around the time, and the movie was for a good cause: all proceeds were to go to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme who commissioned the film[3] and the National Playing Fields Association. During filming he began an affair with one of the cast, Angela Douglas, who became his wife.[4]

The film featured a test fllght of the Bristol 188.



The film reportedly made a profit, in part because of its low cost.[6]


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