Somebody's Eyes

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"Somebody's Eyes" is a song from the movie Footloose (1984), and was later used in the musical version. It was originally sung by Karla Bonoff, and reached #16 on the US Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in 1984.


The movie and musical versions of the song are very different in tone and lyrics. In the movie, it is a soft rock love song (featured on the soundtrack), sung by a girl afraid that her boyfriend's ex still has feelings for him, and will interfere with their relationship (the refrain in this song is "Love is no disguise/From Somebody's Eyes"). In the musical adaptation, it is a plot-driven song, sung by the characters Rusty, Wendy Jo and Urleen to Ren McCormack, about the strict rules and morality that pervades the town of Bomont (refrain here being: "You've got no disguise/From Somebody's Eyes").