Somebody Help Me (film)

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Somebody Help Me
Poster of the movie Somebody Help Me.jpg
Written by Chris Stokes
Directed by Chris Stokes
Starring Marques Houston
Alexis Fields
Amanda Lee
Original language(s) English
Distributor Paramount Pictures
Original release
  • November 13, 2007 (2007-11-13)

Somebody Help Me is a 2007 television horror film starring Marques Houston and Omarion, written and directed by their music producer, Chris Stokes.

The film was first shown on BET on Halloween, and was released in United States on November 13, 2007.[1][2][3][4][5][4]


Somebody Help Me is the story of Brendan Young (Marques Houston) and Darryl Jennings (Omarion Grandberry) as they head off with their girlfriends, respectively Serena (Brooklyn Sudano) and Kimmy (Alexis Fields), and friends for a weekend's stay at a remote cabin in the woods. After the couples settle in, things take an eerie turn. One by one, the group ends up missing or dead, while the remaining few are forced to band together to figure out who or what is behind these killings.
The murderer kills his victims by slicing off parts of their body. The killings in order include: Barbara (Jessica Friedman) having part of her head sliced, Andrea (Amanda Lee) having her entire scalp ripped off, Mike (Garristone Koch), Barbara's boyfriend having his eyes and fingernails ripped out, the sheriff having his throat slit, and Ken (Luke Fryden), Andrea's boyfriend having his teeth ripped out then being smothered to death. Nicole (Jessica Szohr) dies from an asthma attack when the man did not give her an inhaler.
The killer's daughter, Daisy (Brittany Oaks), is singing "Ring around the Rosie" throughout the movie, and helps Brendan free the others in the end. 3 of the teenagers end up dead, and Olsen came in time to save Brendan and free Serena, Darryl, Kimmy and Nicole's boyfriend, Seth (Christopher Jones).
The last scene is the murderer and Daisy having their car searched and the policeman letting him go as Daisy sings "Ring Around The Rosie" again.


  • Marques Houston .... Brendan
  • Omarion .... Darryl Jennings
  • Brooklyn Sudano .... Serena
  • Alexis Fields .... Kimmy
  • Sonny King .... Corbin
  • Brittany Oaks .... Daisy
  • Stephen Snedden .... Deputy Adams
  • Christopher Jones .... Seth
  • Jessica Szohr .... Nicole
  • Luke Frydenger .... Ken Thomas
  • Jessica Friedman .... Barbara Hilton
  • Amanda Lee .... Andrea
  • Garrison Koch .... Mike
  • Donna DuPlantier .... Nurse
  • Irene Stokes .... Store Clerk
  • Todd Thomas .... Officer, Road Block
  • Jim Wilkey .... Sheriff Bob
  • John Wiltshire .... Olsen
  • Devonne Burch .... Sean


The first sequel, Somebody Help Me 2, premiered on BET on October 29, 2010.


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