Someday (Flipsyde song)

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Single by Flipsyde
from the album We the People
Released April 26, 2005
Format CD single, Digital download
Genre Hip hop, R&B
Length 4:00
Label Interscope
Flipsyde singles chronology
"Happy Birthday"

"Someday" is the debut hit single by the band Flipsyde and was also the theme song for NBC's coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. It was chosen for the games because the lyrics focus on courage and perseverance toward future goals even though success may seem impossible. "Someday" was also chosen because of its hip-hop theme that might appeal to the younger audience, which would be an addition to the Winter Games.[1][2]

"Someday" is also featured in the 2008 film, Never Back Down. It was also used in the commercial for the upcoming season of the TV series Heroes. The Olympic version will also be featured in the video game, London 2012.

Music video[edit]

Two music videos were shot for the song, one created by NBC to promote the 2006 Winter Olympics and another official video. The Olympics version features the band performing the song in an ice arena, with clips of various Olympic competitors interwoven. The video first shows clips of the athletes making mistakes, but then picking themselves back up and trying again. A 30-second cut played as an ad on television while a "director's cut" version is available for download online.

The non-Olympic music video, written and directed by James Cox, depicts the lives of several people whose lives improve after finding a scratch off lottery card telling them to make a wish. The first is a homeless alcoholic who wishes for a job and is instantly working at a hospital saving a patient. A wife with a daughter wishes her army husband would return. She scratches her card which reveals the quote "Make a Wish" and thus her husbands returns to her. Similarly, in the third case, after scratching his card, a young man in a wheelchair is instantly able to get up and walk out of the hospital. However, the last person is an old man on a golf course. When he scratches a card, the previous three revert to their original lives. He smiles mischievously, then drives away in the golf cart.

In an interview with Dubcnn, Piper explains that the song itself is about being optimistic but also about acknowledging the negative surroundings in your environment. In the video, each person's life improves, but under different circumstances. The first three go from a miserable state into a happy one, but the fourth person's wish changes all that because he profited from the others' misfortune. He may have owned an alcohol company, so he needs the first guy to be an alcoholic; he may have profited from the war, so he needs the husband to stay in the army; he may have owned the hospital, so he needs patients there. Piper goes on to say that overall the video is about being optimistic, and that rich people have dreams, too.[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Someday" — 4:00
  2. "Someday (instrumental)" — 4:19

Chart positions[edit]

Chart (2005) Peak
Finland Top 40 Singles 10
German Top 100 Singles[4] 10
Swedish Top 40 Singles[5] 29


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