Someday (M People song)

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Single by M People
from the album Northern Soul
B-side Platini
Released 6 April 1992
Genre House
Length 3:30
Label RCA, Deconstruction
Writer(s) Marshall Jefferson
Producer(s) M People
M People singles chronology
"Colour My Life"
Music video
"Someday" on YouTube

"Someday" is the third single from British band M People from their first album Northern Soul. It was written by Marshall Jefferson. The single was a cover version of the original song of the same name sung by CeCe Rogers in 1987. The song peaked at number thirty eight on the UK Singles Chart.


"Someday" was the only cover version to appear on the Northern Soul album and the original version was released in 1987 by CeCe Rogers. "Someday" was the first house song to be signed by a major label and it sold millions worldwide in the late eighties. As a DJ, M People's Mike Pickering had always played the track as part of his set as it was a perennial club classic and 5 years after its original release, Mike decided to give the song a Northern nineties soul groove.

Chart performance[edit]

The single became their third consecutive Top 40 hit, but is also their lowest ranking chart single of all the M People releases, not performing as well as predecessors How Can I Love You More? and Colour My Life entering the chart at number 39 and climbing up one place to 38 in its second week selling around 6,300 copies in its first two weeks to land at number 39 and 38 in its respective weeks. A considerable sales decline in its third and final week the single charted at 62 selling 7,500 copies.


There are only a few mixes of the single, with instrumental album track "Platini" being the B-side. On the CD the remixes are from M People themselves who issued two other versions of the single alongside the radio edit from the original Northern Soul album. "Someday (Part one)" appeared on the original Northern Soul and "Someday (Part 2)" was a completely revised funked up version. On the re-issued Northern Soul released in 1992, Sasha had remixed the single and this replaced the original version.

Music video[edit]

The studio-set video features Heather Small singing and dancing alone surrounded by darkness and later, with a strobe lighting effect in the background. She wears a yellow jacket on a black polo neck with enormous earrings. This is intercut with footage of the band performing the song live from their 1992 Northern Soul Tour featuring the rest of the band, Mike Pickering, Paul Heard and the live session musicians.


The artwork of the single incorporates the House of Lancashire Red Rose, hailing both the Northern origins of the music but also reflecting Mike Pickering's Lancashire roots. The Red Rose itself has been symbolic for various countries around the world but in Northern England the imagery is steeped in history with a series of civil wars called Wars of the Roses dealing with two branches of noble power who wanted the English throne for themselves, the house of Lancashire represented by the red rose and the house of York represented by the white rose. These wars were fought off and on throughout the years of 1455 and 1485, with the final "battle" being won by Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond and the house of Lancashire. Henry Tudor VII married Elizabeth of York uniting the two families as one. So really all the fighting was for nothing since in the end they all came together in a "Happily Ever After" sort of way, fitting the sentiments to the lyrics of the song. For the first and only time, the sleeve states, 'M People with Heather Small'.

Track listings[edit]

7" Mini
  1. "Someday" (Edit) 3:30
  2. "Platini" 5:02
12" Maxi
  1. "Someday" (Part 1) 3:30
  2. "Someday" (Edit) 5:57
  3. "Someday" (Part 2) 6:39
  4. "Platini" 5:02
CD Maxi
  1. "Someday" (Part 1) 3:30
  2. "Someday" (Edit) 5:57
  3. "Someday" (Part 2) 6:39
  4. "Platini" 5:02

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