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Somerset Bridge, Bermuda

Coordinates: 32°16.713′N 64°52.593′W / 32.278550°N 64.876550°W / 32.278550; -64.876550
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Somerset Drawbridge
Somerset Drawbridge center with 32 inch bisected plank opened by hand to allow the passage of sailboat masts

Somerset Bridge is a small bridge in Bermuda connecting Somerset Island with the mainland in the western parish of Sandys, Somerset Bridge is reputedly the smallest working drawbridge in the world. It crosses a small channel connecting the Great Sound with Ely's Harbour.

The bridge is mentioned in the acts of Bermuda's first parliament, held in St. George's on 1 August 1620. Bridges were to be constructed at Somerset, the Flatts, and Coney Island. Additionally, the road from Somerset to Warwick was to be improved, and extended to Castle Point.[1] The bridge appears on a 1624 map of Bermuda.[2]

The bridge is opened by hand, creating a 32-inch gap that allows the passage of a sailboat's mast. The drawbridge is depicted on a Bermudian banknote.[3]


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32°16.713′N 64°52.593′W / 32.278550°N 64.876550°W / 32.278550; -64.876550