Somerstown, Hampshire

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Council flats in Somerstown
Leamington House, Earlsdon Street, Portsmouth

Somerstown is a residential area of the city of Portsmouth in the English county of Hampshire. The area was known for being one of the most deprived wards in the city, but over the past 20 years it has been the subject of a major regeneration initiative. [1]

The area was developed during the 1820s, on land owned by Mr Somers, and was heavily bombed during World War II. After the war, the majority of what remained of the area was demolished to make way for social housing.

It is a very run down area of the city, due for redevelopment. This inner city neighbourhood has relatively high levels of deprivation while much of its physical fabric is in need of renewal/refurbishment. It is one of the poorest areas in the South of England and has one of the highest rates of unemployment. The area is an integral part of the 'Heart of Portsmouth' bid for SRB funding and a Joint Project Board has been established to oversee the preparation of a new physical regeneration plan through continued community involvement.

On 23 June 2017, Portsmouth City Council confirmed that cladding had started to be removed from two Somers Town tower blocks, Horatia House and Leamington House, which had failed safety tests in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire.[2][3] Both blocks were built in 1964-65 and are 18 storeys tall.[4]

Also famous for the “Somerstown whistle” a call to arms for all Somerstown locals. It is said all native Somerstown residents can hear this whistle no matter where on earth they are.


Coordinates: 50°47′34″N 1°05′09″W / 50.792780°N 1.085840°W / 50.792780; -1.085840